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Belize Offshore Solutions

Belize offshore company is a simple and efficient offshore solution providing the whole range of benefits for private entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, professional consultants, accountants and legal advisors from many countries.

There are many advantages of having an offshore company in the jurisdiction of Belize. One of the main advantages is the level of secrecy and anonymity, which may allow to keep the identity of the actual owners in secret. Also, there is no requirement to report to any registry, on any of documents.

Another advantage is that Belize has probably the fastest IBC Registry in the world, where incorporation of a new offshore company is fully automated, very quick and simple.

Belize IBC’s are properly free from any tax in Belize, with only a few simple pre-conditions. They are exempt from income tax, from taxes on all dividends, from taxes on all interests, rent, royalties, compensations and other amounts, on capital gains on shares, debt obligations or other securities.

There are no currency restrictions in Belize, an IBC can conduct its business in any foreign currency.

It is possible to open bank account for an IBC with reliable bank in Belize.

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